1. Jesus, Lord, I'm never weary
    Looking on Thy Cross and shame;
    Gazing there I seem so near Thee,
    Dear to me each throb of pain.
    Ever near Thee,
    Ling'ring here I would remain.
  2. Little cared I for the anguish
    Of Thy bitter, bitter cry;
    Left alone, Lord, there to languish,
    None to share Thy parting sigh.
    All forsaken!
    Left alone, O Lord, to die.
  3. Jesus, Saviour, I have found Thee
    All my utmost need required;
    In Thyself, Lord, Thou hast found me
    All Thy loving heart desired.
    I would praise Thee
    From my soul by love inspired.
  4. All my sins were laid upon Thee,
    All my guilt was on Thee laid,
    And the blood of Thine atonement
    All my utmost debt has paid.
    Gracious Saviour,
    I believe, for Thou hast said.
  5. Thine almighty arms are round me,
    And my head is on Thy breast,
    For my weary soul has found Thee
    Such a perfect, perfect rest.
    Gracious Saviour,
    Now I know that I am blest.

Boethia Thompson

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Patricia Weston: on July 31, 2016

I wish you included the lyrics too! Are they somewhere else on this site?

GospelRiver.com: on July 31, 2016

I've added the lyrics. They may also be found at http://gospelriver.com/believershymnbook/#113

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