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Downloading Bookmarks to Print & Versions available

(Note: if the version you need is not available for the particular bookmark you desire, you may request it.)

Click to Download the JPG image file.


Download PDFClick to Download the PDF image file. (This is a full page of a particular bookmark so you can print a number of them out at one time to save paper.)


Download Word 2003 Document Bookmark TemplateClick to Download a Microsoft Word 2003 (or less) template document of the bookmark. This is generally the version used unless more advanced graphic design is necessary. All Word programs should be able to open this file type.


Word 2007 Bookmark templateClick to Download a Microsoft Word 2007+ template document of the bookmark. This later version is required for some special effects. Only later versions of Word may be able to open and edit this file type.

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Printing/Laminating Tips

Having problems printing at the right size?

Some photo editing programs make printing the .jpg bookmark file at the proper size difficult. You will probably find it easiest to insert your bookmark into an application like Microsoft Word and print it from there, or (if unavailable) ask us for the PDF version.

Paper type

We recommend printing these bookmarks on a heavier photo paper or cardstock paper, unless you are using a laminator.


Laminating your bookmarks keeps them looking nice and makes them more professional.

You can buy stick-on laminate (I think Walmart carries it): just print, apply the laminate and then cut them out.

Note: Laminating only the front side may be sufficient but this may cause the bookmark to curl at times.

If you prefer, you can purchase a laminator and use 3 or 5 mil laminate for a more professional appearance.

You will need:

  • A laminator
    • Here's what we use: Fellowes Saturn SL 125 12.5-Inch Office Laminator (about $100) (or Smaller models are around $40)
  • A good, sturdy paper cutter
  • 3 mil laminating pouches

Approximate Cost: 3mil laminate = about $14.50 for 100 = about 15 cents per sheet = about 2.5 cents per bookmark (+ ink & paper cost)

Please see our Terms of Use.


For ordering information, please see the order page.


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